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Testimonial date: 21st June 2015

A review of the session with the adorable but wicked Mistress IQ.

During the last 15 years, having visited several accomplished Mistresses located in the Leeds/Bradford/Huddersfield area, I found myself heading up the A1 to meet Mistress IQ for the first time.

I followed Mistress IQ’s instruction that led me to the back of a very discreet and private building not far from Richmond, North Yorkshire.

I was greeted by a very attractive, friendly, understanding and clearly well educated Lady. Although I was feeling a little nervous Mistress helped ease the nerves during a two way discussion encompassing likes/dislikes, do’s/don’ts.

Mistress dressed in a basque, short skirt, seamed stockings and heels was possibly unaware how much I was enjoying the view as I followed Mistress as she climbed the staircase and led me into a playroom located on the upper level of the house.

My limits were respected and never exceeded, possibly a mix of Mistress IQ’s experience and ability to read body language along with a little mind reading. Mistress clearly enjoys the dominant role and is an extremely talented lady. Intellectually superior and deceiving strong so much so she can easily put a man firmly in a place of servitude and submission. I soon developed a total trust in Mistress IQ’s ability and was more than happy to try different activities. I was under the opinion that I had tried everything over my years of playing however Mistress IQ has a array of torturous devices and devilish imaginative new games to play and experience. Not only did Mistress capture and control my body she also captured and controlled my mind.

After the session we exchanged friendly hugs and had a chat about all sorts of interests, which brought a nice ending to an incredible 2hrs+ session.

I would describe Mistress IQ as Adorable with a cruel twist.

Adorable – enchanting, appealing, charming, captivating, engaging, delightful, lovely, endearing and beautiful.

Cruel twist – sadistic, unforgiving, stern, commanding, naturally dominant, imaginatively torturous and sensually teasing.

I have visited several fabulous Mistresses over the years but whilst heading up the A1 towards Richmond I would have never guessed I was about to meet the most perfect and truely amazing Mistress I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It’s been two days since our session and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Mistress IQ. Whatever the punishment that may be awaiting within Mistress IQ’s chamber upon my return visit I will gratefully accept!

A big Thankyou to the adorable Mistress IQ.

Yours to punish



Testimonial date 19th June 2013

I visited Mistress IQ for the first time today and was really impressed by her welcome, by her facilities and, most of all, by her skills.

Mistress is a very attractive lady with a lovely bubbly personality and a wicked laugh.

Her house is easy to find, her playroom clean and warm with all the usual suspects.

Mistress certainly knows how to use her toys, large and small, to devastating effect. I have no hesitation at all in recommending her to anyone who wants to be tormented by a lady who likes to play with a slave’s mind as well as his body, who knows how to mix pleasure and pain, who appreciates how to build up the intensity of a session and, best of all, really enjoys what she does.




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